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  1. 2021 RW Calendar - on sale now!

    The 2021 Ringing World Calendar is now on sale - go to the shop or the product page.

  2. Performance donations - new suggested donation

    The Ringing World Board and staff are determined to weather the current Covid storm, but do not have endless funds available.

    While we are currently stemming the annual reduction of subscribers, the loss of performance donations since the suspension of ringing has hit us hard. These donations are highly valued and make a significant contribution to our financial well-being.

    We have been able to continue publishing a 24-page issue each week, through the editorial team’s hard work and a desire to support the ringing community through the pandemic. So we have not saved any costs by omitting the printing peal and quarter peal performances.

    While the number of donations received with performances has not reduced, the number of performances has. We are therefore asking you to raise the donation per performance. It has stood at 50p a ringer for some years now, and the Board has reluctantly decided to raise the suggested peal and quarter peal donation to 75p a ringer. We understand that some may be facing difficult times financially, hence the small suggested increase.

    In 2015, we launched a 70% challenge for donations accompanying performances. We generally hit about 50–60% on assigned donations; if we count unassigned donations we only hit 70% about 1–2 months a year. We are very grateful to those many ringers who already support us with donations, either with performances sent for publication or as freestanding donations.

    An increase in subscriptions would also provide welcome stability, so please encourage new subscribers, either online or for the paper copy!


    Chairman, The Ringing World Ltd

  3. Distributed Performances

    For those who wish to submit performances to BellBoard that were rung on online platforms such as Ringing Room, Handbell Stadium or Muster, we suggest the following format on the submission form:

    Place: the online platform (e.g. ’Ringing Room’)

    County (or country): the region shared by the band (e.g. ’Bristol’, ’UK’, ’Europe’, ’USA’ or ’World’)

    After each ringer name: Add their individual location in brackets

    Dedication: Leave blank

    If you wish to add further location details, please use the footnotes field. Do not use the ’Details’ box, which should only be used for composition details.

    Distributed performances may be submitted for print in The Ringing World in the normal way. Donations towards the RW can also be added in the normal way. Excessive footnotes may be edited in the normal way.