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  1. RWNYC 2019 teams

    The Ringing World is very pleased to announce that 24 teams have entered this year’s Ringing World National Youth Contest to be held in Liverpool on Saturday, 6th July.

    The teams are: Bath and Wells, Bedfordshire Young Ringers, Brumdingers, Bucks and Berks Young Ringers, Cheshire Cats, Coventry Spires, D&N Young Ringers, Derbyshire Young Ringers, Essex Young Eagles, Fen Tigers, Go Bellistic! (SDGR), Kent Young Ringers, Lancashire Lads and Lasses, Leicester Rising Ringers, Lincolnshire Poachers, Oxford Diocesan Guild, Surrey Strikers, Sussex Young Ringers, The G&B, Three Spires, W&P Youths, Worcester Cathedral, Yorkshire Tykes, and Young@Herts.

  2. Ringing for Notre Dame

    Following the devastating fire at the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris on Monday afternoon, the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, and Prime Minister Teresa May have asked for bells at churches and cathedrals across the UK to ring out in solidarity when possible this Thursday.

    If you can, please try and gather some ringers to ring at any time on Thursday in any way you see fit (open, half-muffled etc.) and add your performance to the BellBoard event that has been created to record the ringing. These performances will then be published together in an upcoming edition of The Ringing World.

  3. RW Charitable Objects article

    Unfortunately there was a mistake in the email address given for responses at the foot of Revd David Grimwood’s article on page 299 in the 29th March edition of The Ringing World. The correct email is: dwgrimwood@ringingworld.co.uk.

  4. RW Diary and Calendar discount

    There’s now a 25% discount on the remaining stock of Ringing World Diaries and Calendars, including all three versions of the diary. Starting at just £6! Postage and packing is free to the UK and just £1 per item overseas.

    See pictures and more information here, or to order while stocks last go to shop.ringingworld.co.uk.