At the Association's AGM in Liverpool, we agreed that a group should have a good look at what we do, and how we do it.

We now have some volunteers, who along with our trustees are as follows:

  • Ernie de Legh-Runciman (convenor)
  • Nick Harrop
  • Giles Blundell
  • Janet Hopwood
  • Cate Gardner
  • Ray Hutchings
  • Simon Woof
  • Alison Britliff
  • Beth Ingham
  • Martin Daniels

Those of us who were available have got together by way of a phone conference. We're starting by trying to work out what support ringers need: once we've worked that out, we'll move on to looking at how that support should be provided.

And we want to learn from other people's experiences. So we're asking other associations for any ideas they can give us.

We're next looking to talk to each other by phone in early July - and if we can, we hope to get together face to face in August. We've got a lot to do, and we've been instructed to let the February committee meeting see a draft of our conclusions, so we haven't any time to waste!

Lancashire Association

2018 Annual General Meeting

Saturday 28th April

Time Place Bells Dedication Postcode Toilets
09.15 - 10.00 Sefton  8 St Helen L29 7WG Y
10.15 - 11.00 Huyton  6 St Michael L36 9XJ Y
11.15 - 12.00 Woolton  8 St Peter L25 5JF N
12.15 - 13.00 Penny Lane  8 St Barnabas L18 1EP Y
13.15 - 14.00 Tuebrook  8 St John Baptist L13 7HA Y
14.15 - 15.00 Everton  8 St Francis Xavier L3 8DR Y
15.15 - 16.15 Pier Head 12 Our Lady & St Nicholas L2 8TZ Y

Followed by:
16.15 Service
17.00 Tea      
18.00 Meeting
All at Pier Head

Names for tea to Janet Hopwood by Monday 23rd April please.
See Officers and Contacts under (Liverpool) Branch Contacts for details..