This year's competition will take place at Leyland St Andrew ( 23-0-20) on Saturday 25th November from 10am.

The rules are the same as last year and reproduced below.

Please let me know if you intend entering a team before Wednesday 22nd so we have an idea of numbers and can let the judges know how long they'll be out in the cold for! Leyland has a coffee morning at the same time as the striking comp so tea, coffee, cake etc will be available in the church.

It has been decided this year to hold the competition in the morning as people have other commitments. The draw will take place at 10.00 am and the competition will commence immediately after the draw. In order to try and attract more teams, the rules have been relaxed slightly this year. The competition is open to groups of 10 ringers made up from any branch of the LACR. As usual, to give teams some equality against each other, no more than 6 ringers may come from any one tower (with an exception made for the Sodor & Man Branch!). Tea and biscuits will be available.

The test piece is a minimum of 270 changes of Caters or Royal. Five minutes practice is allowed.

There is no entry fee this year. I would appreciate it very much if team captains would let me know as soon as they have their team finalised so we have an idea of many teams to expect on the day. If you require any further details or have any problems, please let me know.

Beth Ingham