Current Ringing Status

With the lifting of all COVID restrictions, we echo the CCCBR's advice which is to encourage all ringers to take both a personal approach and a collective approach to how residual risk is managed for themselves and each other. A personal approach is what we are probably all doing already when we ask ourselves:

  • What’s the local risk?
  • What’s my personal risk?
  • How do I reduce both?
  • How do I decide if it’s safe for me to ring?

With no limits on numbers, distancing or duration, the emphasis is on considering which mitigations are appropriate for a particular ringing situation, adjusting the length of time accordingly.

For instance, a fully vaccinated band (two vaccinations and booster) might be comfortable ringing for an extended period of time at a well ventilated tower if all participants have done a LFT within the previous 24 hours, while teaching youngsters is likely to be for shorter periods, again with a LFT within 24 hours and possibly with a face covering.

CCCBR summary of guidance here.
ART Newsletters on recovery of bellringing after COVID are here
ART Survival and Recovery Toolbox here
ART article on Recovery Champions here

The Lancashire Association is here to support its ringers through the issues posed by COVID.

It offers advice on safe ringing and about ringing on line in the "Return to Ringing" link below.
Also here are links to the to our Training and Education resources, to the young ringers Lads and Lasses pages and to our Annual Report. Finally, there are links to our well-stocked Bookstall and to the fascinating mechanical Woodhouse Ringing Machine simulator.

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LACR 3Ls group trains young ringers.

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