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The three sub-headings in the BRF menu could be implemented using the "Blog" format.
This would involve creating three Categories, eg BrfApplications, BrfCurrent, BrfArchive.

The process would then be as follows:

Create a new Article (page) for each tower application and initially assign it to the BrfApplications Category.
As the project progresses assign the Article to BrfCurrent, and finally BrfArchive.

With this arrangement each project would be grouped like the Articles on the main "News" page.
The top page would show a summary of each project and clicking on the title would display the full Article.

At the bottom of each Article there would be left and right arrows to navigate through the Articles in the Category.

Master index of
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Tower A 2016
Tower B 2016
Tower C 2015
Tower D 2015