Search for methods, save in My Methods, view Bobs and Singles, practice with method tutor and player.


Create and view compositions - useful for conductors, both established and learners.

Tin Tin

Contains over 17,000 ringing methods for study or for a quick reminder whilst in the belfry.

Tower Guide

Lists all the towers in Dove. Use Google Maps to navigatate to a tower. Record notes about your visit.

Blue Line

Blueline is an application for viewing method diagrams. The app is the native Android version of the website blueline.


For iPhone and Android. View change-ringing methods and organise them into collections

Android version: iAgrams


Mobel is a bell ringing simulator for church bell ringers and handbell change ringers

Dove's Guide

Please note that the Dove app is no longer supported and does not work reliably on iOS8

Bell Ringing Methods

A web app that should run on any device with a web browser.