LACR RingingRoom and Zoom Session


A chance to ring with people from across

the Association, virtually!

Sat 23rd May 2020, from 11am


On Sat 23rd May, the LACR opened the doors of its new Zoom account and built a few new towers (all of which sound remarkably similar!) including the Blackpool Tower, Awful (Eiffel) Tower and the Leaning Tower of Pizza within RingingRoom. This let people who have never done it have the chance to try out ringing as a ‘distanced, safe, don’t need to even get out of bed’ activity, and for those that have tried it, the chance to ring with a few new people. 

The session was well attended with 35 participants and lasted for two hours with an additional 30 minute session tacked on at the end requested by some members of the group. We hope those that have tried it will now arrange sessions for their own towers. Following a feedback session at the end, it became clear that a repeat of this session is needed so we hope to repeat the event soon. The LACR has a Zoom account that will allow Zoom meetings to last longer that 40 mins, and this is available ‘to borrow’ if you need time for a quarter, peal, or just a long meeting. Contact web@lacr for more details.

Many thanks to all who attended - please check back here for the next session date.

The LACR Education Committee. 


For details on how to to ring online see the technical document that came with this session.