Current and Recent BRF Projects

Current BRF Projects 2022

St Anne, Saint Anne's-on-Sea

This is a major rehang/augmentation from 8 to 10 in an extended frame, involving recasting the front 4 and casting two new trebles.

St Mary-le-Ghyll Barnoldswick

This is the completion of the bell project to add 2 treble bells into the existing 8 bell frame with 1 new treble bell and a Taylor’s stock bell as the second.


Recently Completed BRF Projects 2021

St Mary Rawtenstall

These bells had become almost unringable. Volunteers from the LACR/Taylors made some general repairs and took the Baldrick style clappers out and transported them to Taylor's bellfoundry. The refurbished clappers were then re-installed, and the bells are now ringable again for short periods. The cost of refurbishing the clappers was covered by the LACR BRF in recognition of the recent, generous bequest from Kenneth Hartley of Helmshore.

St Mary, Ulverston

This was a major rehang of the bells by Nicholson’s, involving serious stabilisation of the frame, all the while, working around the bells as it wasn’t possible to remove them from the belfry. A tremendous amount of the work on this project was done by Hugh Pettifer. A grant of £6,100 was awarded from the BRF..

St Mary, Oldham

A small grant was made towards the rehanging of the eighth bell.