Training and Education Group

Who We Are

The Training and Education Group is led by the LACR Training & Education Officer and consists of one member from each branch of the association.


Our General Plan

In the past, the LACR has run two training days per year. In coming years, we plan to intensify this programme and integrate it with local initiatives. Also, we plan to widen the range of branches and venues where training events can be presented.


Our Aims

We aim to provide a programme of training events which will :

  • meet the needs of the Association : especially those of its newer, developing members
  • complement training initiatives developing at branch level
  • encourage ringing ambitions
  • promote the development of proficiency

Continuity of learning between events

In future we will plan to hold three Association training days per year : in early spring (March), summer and late autumn (October). The March training day will be focused on a basic level of attainment. Each subsequent training day will be focused on the next logical development step after the last. Those who attend a first event will be encouraged to come to the next and following events.

Continuity of learning can be enhanced if each successive training day can be followed by local consolidation events, organised by branches. Such events will allow local colleagues to help trainees to rehearse, reinforce and embed the competencies developed at the training day.


Next Steps

This group will review its aims and approach periodically in the light of unfolding experience. This note will be updated at intervals.