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Sunday Ringing in towers is now permitted but with limited numbers of bells involved and subject to the agreement of the incumbent and/or the local diocese. If you intend to ring again you must follow the guidelines set out by the Central Council. click here to see the latest CCCBR guidance on ringing.

Ringing practices are NOT allowed but VIRTUAL RINGING can help us keep in contact with each other, keep our bands intact, keep in practice and keep our newest learners interested. 

Please visit our guide to SETTING UP VIRTUAL RINGING

As virtual ringing becomes mainstream, it will be useful to all the association's members. At first, small groups will get used to the technology together and then expand in larger groups to ring the changes in the ways they enjoy most. 

A series of other projects to help us move forward will be posted to this area of the website, so please check back often for the latest advice and help.


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