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  1. New Year's Festival of Bells

    The New Year’s Festival of Bells event can be viewed here, and your ringing can be linked to it if you wish.

  2. Are you a leading quarter-peal ringer?

    If you have rung more than 100 quarter peals in 2022, or conducted more than 50, please help us ensure your total is correct. If you think you have passed these targets and if any of the following apply, please let us know:

    • If you changed your name during the year
    • If you are aware of any errors that need correction
    • If your name may have variants, including nicknames, initials (or if it may have appeared in brackets)
    • Or if you just know that there are QPs that don’t appear on a standard search on your name.

    If you think you are a leading quarter peal ringer, please get in touch on editor@ringingworld.co.uk by 10th January.

  3. RW Subscriptions and recommended performance donation

    The Ringing World Board would like to wish all BellBoard users a very happy Christmas and inform you that we are pleased to be able to hold Ringing World subscription rates at their current levels for another year.

    As presented at the Ringing World AGM in September, donations in 2022 have returned to pre-pandemic levels and, along with the extra ringing activities around the Queen’s Jubilee and Funeral, we have made up some of the financial deficit from the two previous years. We hope that donations will continue at this level into 2023, also taking into account the likely increase in ringing activity surrounding the Coronation of King Charles III.

    On the negative side we are already experiencing significant cost increases in everything we produce and this will have an impact on our bottom line. We have noticed that many bands are making performance donations of £1, and in order to continue to repair losses from the last two years £1 will become the recommended donation on BellBoard from the start of 2023.

    Paul Jopp


  4. Taylor's on BBC Radio 4

    On Thursday 8th December at 11.30am BBC Radio 4 will broadcast a half-hour programme about Taylor’s of Loughborough bells and foundry.

    ‘Bells That Still Can Ring’: “an exploration of John Taylor & Co’s bell foundry in Loughborough and some of their most iconic bells – including Great Paul at St Paul’s Cathedral and AC/DC’s ‘hell’s bell’.”

    Repeated Monday 12th December, 4pm.

  5. Ringing for CoP27

    Performances for Ring out for Climate or to mark the CoP27 Climate Change Conference generally can be viewed on the BellBoard diary event here.

    To link your ringing, from your performance, click on the pencil icon and click Link to event. You can email us for help.