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  1. S Kathleen M Baldwin

    We were sorry to hear that S Kathleen M (Kath) Baldwin, of Bushey, Herts, passed away peacefully on Wednesday 16 August, aged 91. Details of funeral and/or Memorial Service to follow.

  2. RWNYC 2023 Results

    The results of the 2023 Ringing World National Youth Contest, held on Saturday 8th July in York, have been announced.

    Congratulations to the Winchester & Portsmouth Youths and the Durham & Newcastle Young Ringers! Both teams are trophy winners for the first time.

    The Whitechapel Trophy - Method ringing (Huntington)

    1st W&P Youths 9.5/10
    2nd Lancashire Lads & Lasses 9/10
    3rd Essex Young Eagles 8.5/10
    4th Surrey Strikers 8/10
    5th Yorkshire Tykes 7.5/10
    6th Leicester Bellfoundry Foxes 7/10
    7th= Oxford DG 6.5/10
    7th= Gloucester & Bristol 6.5/10

    The Robert Lewis Trophy for Excellence - Call changes (St Lawrence)

    1st Durham & Newcastle 9.5/10
    2nd Sussex Young Ringers 9/10
    3rd Kent Young Ringers 8.5/10
    4th= Go Bellistic! (Salisbury DG) 8/10
    4th= Young@Herts 8/10
    6th= Bucks & Berks Young Ringers 7.5/10
    6th= Brumdingers 7.5/10
    6th= Worcester Cathedral 7.5/10
    9th= Yorkshire Tykes 7/10
    9th= Nottingham Young Ringers 7/10
    9th= Norfolk Young Ringers 7/10
    12th= W&P Youths 6.5/10
    12th= Derbyshire Young Ringers 6.5/10
    12th= Lincolnshire Poachers 6.5/10
    15th Coventry Spires 6/10
    16th= Bath & Wells 5.5/10
    16th= Ely Fen Tigers 5.5/10

    Thanks to David Hull and the York organising team for a fantastic day, ending with a pizza party in the Minster. Look out in The Ringing World for full reports of the day.

  3. Results of the National 12-Bell Contest Final

    The Results of the 2023 National 12-bell Contest Final, held on Saturday 24th June at Sheffield Cathedral, have been announced.

    Congratulations to Birmingham, winners for the twenty-sixth time since 1975.

    Test Piece: 288 Cambridge Surprise Maximus

    Judges: Ben Carey (Chief), David Dearnley, Lucy Woodward

    1st Birmingham 79% (rang 1st) Peal Speed 3h31
    2nd SRCY 74% (rang 6th) Peal Speed 3h27
    3rd Melbourne 70% (rang 5th) Peal Speed 3h18
    4th Bristol 69% (rang 3rd) Peal Speed 3h34
    5th ASCY 67% (rang 7th) Peal Speed 3h27
    6th Exeter 65% (rang 10th) Peal Speed 3h36
    7th Cambridge 64% (rang 2nd) Peal Speed 3h25
    8th Leeds 62% (rang 9th) Peal Speed 3h33
    9th St Paul’s 61% (rang 4th) Peal Speed 3h30
    10th Sheffield 50% (rang 8th) Peal Speed 3h17

    Click here to listen again to the broadcast, with all the contest ringing, plus interviews and commentary by presenter Matthew Tosh.

  4. Eyes on 2030 - The Ringing World Survey

    Thank you to the more than two thousand ringers who completed the Ringing World’s ’Eyes on 2030’ survey. A brief article introducing the results is in this week’s Ringing World - read it for free. You can also read our longer first stage official report here.

  5. Happy St Dunstan's Day!

    Happy St Dunstan’s Day - the patron saint of bellringers.

    If you’re ringing for St Dunstan’s Day, you can link your performance to an event here.

    Read an article about St Dunstan on the US National Bell Festival website.

    St Dunstan Doubles is an ancient method, listed in Campanalogia (1677). Nowadays we’d describe it as a variation of Grandsire which uses all three of Grandsire Bobs, Singles and Extremes.

    Can you guess how many rings of bells Dove’s Guide lists in churches dedicated to Dunstan?