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The Ringing World National Youth Contest is being held in Liverpool on 6th July 2019, and since it is being hosted at a LACR tower, Graham Turner from Bamber Bridge set out to find candidates to form an LACR team to enter the RWNYC.

The inaugural meeting of this enterprise was held at Billsborrow (between Garstang and Preston) on Saturday 17th Nov. 10 young ringers went along, and one or two that could not attend this time may come along to join them next time.

Several branches were represented with contingents from Furness & South Lakeland, Fylde, Lancaster, Preston, Rochdale, and Wigan. It began with introductions, fish and chips for lunch, and a brief quiz, and the vicar came by and wished everyone well, before ringing for 1½ hours.

The whole afternoon was warmly received, with very capable young ringers from almost 10 to 16 years of age, and abilities ranging from rounds and call changes, to Grandsire triples.

For those of us ‘oldies’ who taxied them to the tower, it was a truly inspiring moment to see our newest generation of ringers taking hold and ringing the bells so competently.

This was a meeting to mingle, and break the ice, rather than embark on any regime of striking competition practice, and the striking varied but was mostly good and very encouraging. We look forward to the next instalment early next year with some enthusiasm.

Finally, if anyone has any fun suggestions for our team name, please let Andy Pollock know (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 07879 411824) for our young ringers to consider when the time comes to choose a name. The 2018 team names can be seen at

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