The LACR Database

It is now possible for Branch secretaries to have limited direct access to the LACR database. From here it is possible to update contact and tower information such as practice night service times etc. It can also be used to email other LACR contacts, and eventually there may be a document store. Access is a limited to certain functions, for example it is not possible to change a tower contact, just their details. It s also not possible to add new members. These activities must still be done through the General Secretary as before. 

Access to the database is limited to Branch Secretaries only at present. Access is by username and password, if you have not received logon details or you are having problems accessing the site, please email Andy on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (please note this is a new address, the old one wasn't working, if you have previously requested, please try again)

Within the database you can:

  • Edit tower location information, Post Code, OS location.
  • Tower practice nights and Sunday Service ringing
  • Set the experimental "Tower Difficulty". This is a new function under consideration at the moment
  • Website URL for the Branch
  • Regular Branch meeting details
  • Contact details for all Branch officers
  • Email tower contacts within your branch*
  • Email LACR contacts*
  • See branch tower members and outstanding subs
  • View documents such as meeting minutes and other specific or sensitive documents**

*Note popup blocker must be disabled for this site for the direct email function to work. This functionality is not guaranteed.

**Document store under construction presently.

Click here to go to the database.