Month Flat Week Day
Date: Saturday, July 20, 2019 10:00 am - 6:15 pm
Categories: Branch Meeting*

In lieu of the normal monthly practice, the branch have been invited this month to join the Manchester University Ringers for ringing in the Leicester area as follows:

1000-1045 Thurlaston, All Saints (6, 15-1-3)  

A very fine ring of 6 of 1920's Taylor heritage. Parking available on-street adjacent to the church, but it can get busy at times. 


1100-1145 Earl Shilton, SS Simon & Jude (8, 8, 11-3-13) 

This slightly earlier Taylor ring from 1921 have a very meaty tone for their weight. Beware the 2nd, which is outrageously odd-struck (at handstroke, I recall). Parking on-street on 3 sides of the churchyard, or in the park car-park off the main road. 


1200-1245 Hinckley, St Mary (8, 22-0-6) 

Arguably one of the best-sounding rings of 8 in the whole country, these bells are much underrated because they are not particularly easy to ring. Yet another fine 1920's Taylor ring... Parking at the church car park. 


Lunch in Hinckley 


1415-1500 Claybrooke, St Peter (8, 13-3-10) 

These could have been another full Taylor 8, as the foundry reportedly offered them a complete ring in exchange for their c1500 Seliok tenor, quite exceptional in its tone and note for its weight. This offer was refused, however, and today's ring is a mixed bag of back bells with 5 late-20's examples from Taylor's on the front. Parking in the church car park down the lane on the liturgical south of the church. 


1530-1615 Sapcote, All Saints (10, 9-1-26) 

This light ring of 10 is shoehorned into a rather narrow tower, with all 10 swinging East-West. A ring of 6 from 1894 with the addition of three Taylor trebles, two more were added in 1970 and a further two in 1977. Parking in the church car park or on-street adjacent to the church. 


1630-1715 Sapcote, Harecroft Farm (8, 12lbs 2oz) 

No Taylor bells here. An early example of the Higby/Bowditch partnership. Park outside the cow-shed! 


1730-1815 Stoney Stanton, St Michael (8, ca. 14-0-0) 

Another Taylor ring, but not quite like the others. Tuning is a little more 'old fashioned' and so is the go, despite three of the bells being from 1968. Park in the shops car park between 'The Star' and the church.